Insurance - Additional Benefits - 2017

Written by Phillip Piddell on .

This scheme continues for 2017 – at the same charge as last year £17.50.  It includes an extension to the insurance coverage to include members temporarily working overseas - which may appeal to a small number of members – see ‘Further Information’ documents for details.

For those of you already signed up to this scheme- please renew in good time to maintain cover from 1st January 2017

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I have been asked if it is possible to set up a standing order for AB – unfortunately, this is just not possible, because we have no control over the cost of the insurance– though I am pleased that we were able to hold premiums unchanged for three years.  Please bear in mind that irrespective of when you join or renew, the insurance coverage expires at 31st December – so the earlier in the year you pay – the better the value you get!

If you are a newly signed member, please do send me an email to let me know about your greenwoodworking - its good to know what people are getting upto. If you run your own website – please do mention us and include a link to our homepage.

Full documents will be sent by email a few days after your payment has been recorded – please keep safe for future reference.

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Combined Policy


Note that insurance coverage is only valid until 31st December - and only whilst you remain a paid up member of APT&GW.

As many of you will understand, we are not authorised to ‘sell’ insurance but we are allowed to offer a scheme which includes it, and many members have found that it covers their needs. Full details are here on the website. Please note – membership docs are normally emailed out once a week – usually Fridays – so please look out for your emails and save the docs somewhere safe on your PC. Payment can be made by Paypal via the link on our website - or by BACS to our Co-op bank account - Sort Code 08-92-99 Account APT&GW – 65366501 – with an email to me, or least favoured option – a cheque!
Any queries to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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