1st time demoing

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1st time demoing

Postby mstibs » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:55 am

The best way to begin a speech is "Let me tell you a story". Alex Haley

Yesterday I read a German document about presentation techniques, speeches and rhetoric. The guy started with the above quote. In my lessons I daily have to give presentations to teach the students something. I compared his tips with my way of giving lessons. I didn’t study pedagogic, so all I know comes from fifteen years experience, a basic pedagogic qualification for vocational trainers (AdA in Germany) and a good nose for smelling the situation of a group or a person.

The guy sets some basic principles for good presentations:
- Have a good, logic structure.
- Be listener-oriented.
- Entertain people.
- Be targeted.

Then he explains some rhetoric tools…:
• Use simple language.
• Use examples that listeners understand.
• Use image-rich speech.
• Ask (rhetoric) questions.
• Use the names of your listeners.
• Tell stories.

…and some non verbal communication tools:
• Watch your posture.
• Make eye contact.
• Watch your gestures,
• Mimics,
• and spoken tone.

He leads over to the stages of a good speech.

1. Contact stage: This is known as the ice breaker, some personal words or a story to open the listeners heart.
2. Attention stage: At this stage of the speech/presentation you introduce the topic and the goal of the presentation. [IMHO the goal should meet a need of the listener.]
3. Instruction stage: At this stage you give your presentation, speak your speech, give your lesson.
4. Affirmation: Last part of the process is a conclusion. Repeat your important points, send a message because people remember best what they heard last.

I stop at this point citing the author. The comparison to my lessons showed many similarities. But now I thought on to bodging and demoing the craft or selling your products at the market. From my limited experience of demoing once at the kids fest in Dresden can tell, all the hints from the author for good presentations apply to demoing. So my conclusion and my message for demoing the first time is, read a bit about presentation techniques before doing a first demo, think of good stories for different audience (children, adults, …) and test how the audience likes these stories.
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