Gavin seeks help for 2012 shows

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Gavin seeks help for 2012 shows

Postby gavin » Fri May 04, 2012 11:26 am

For these Scottish shows:-
- I seek 2 or 3 extra greenwood helpers.

Enthusiasm and an interest in greenwoodwork is more important than experience. Let me know what things you’d like to make. If you cannot think of any, I’ll suggest some. You then practise making those things so when you get on the show field, both you and I are confident you know how to show public how to go about it. Even better is when the public do it themselves under your tuition, called ‘pay-to-play’.

Pay-to-play need not be for complex products but is lucrative: We’ve had £1 for dowels banged through a dowel plate (!) £2 for vampire stakes and tent-pegs on the shave horse, £2 for twig pencils ,up to £3 for a twig whistle, £15 for rounders bats on the pole lathe, £30 for a frame stool. People will pay far more for something they made than you made. If you are good at selling or marketing – great, I need not be involved. If you are not, then you’ll learn something by watching us work. And I will definitely learn something from you too.

For these shows we’ll pool in a wooden bowl the money the public pays to play and split that amongst the performers on the field – plus Clare the camp cook we have at the bigger shows. When Mrs Clare Phillips comes we eat very well – I only ask you contribute the cost of the meals that you have.

Don’t let lack of equipment put you off contacting me. And if you do have tools, pole-lathe, bowl-horse, shave-horse etc then by all means bring them. So come by bus with just a knife in your pocket, or bring a van stuffed with kit.

If you have ware to sell, bring that. You keep all the money from any ware you bring with you – I seek no share of that, and I will gleefully sell it on your behalf.
If you read this far and think “How much money per day will I earn doing this?” that is a fair question. Your earnings depend on the team on the field that day and how well practised they are, how good at seizing opportunities we are, and whether you are prepared to follow my suggestions, or wish to do your own thing.

Turning up on time, well-rehearsed, ready and prepared to work puts money in the pockets of all present.

So I would not suggest you joined us if you have to earn so many pounds per day, for I can and will make no guarantee. Nor do I want you there if you will drink most of the night and so not able to rise till noon.
But if you want to pick up new skills and probably see new products offered and certainly learn about selling, marketing and organisation then this is a golden opportunity.

One restriction I make is : use no battery-powered tools while public is present - but by all means bring these if you need them.

If you know you are free for any of these dates and wish to join us, please PM me with
    1. details of things you’d like to make and
    2. the talents you feel you’d bring to the showfield.
By "talents" I mean making skills and also personal skills. Do include a phone number and your e mail address.

For recent comment on working with me at a show, please refer Steve Tomlin's comment posted Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:13 pm or in his blog

Here are some of the folks at RHS 2011:
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