Tweed Valley Forest Festival, 25/26th Oct 2014

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Tweed Valley Forest Festival, 25/26th Oct 2014

Postby Bob_Fleet » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:30 pm

Less than two weeks to the TVFF in Peebles.
25th and 26th October.
There are some amazing wood craftspeople, not all greenwood, selling in the community hall.

We'll have the usual pole lathe set up and hurdle making and Si our spoon carver has done some wonderful replica whiskey ladles for the earlier exhibition - The Migration of Border Shepherds.

Saturday you can enter the Scottish Conker Championships and there's a food fair over the weekend too.
Wooplaw will have their big Flinn Garlick 2 man crosscut saw you can have go with.
Cut a placemat off a log maybe.
Kids can hammer some big nails into a log at Nailit. The trophies are yew plinths with hand made nails in.

Try the website or better still, like the Facebook page.

See you there.

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