Victorian treadle lathe for sale.

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Victorian treadle lathe for sale.

Postby Mace Bryant » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:56 am

Hello. I've got a cast iron treadle lathe that needs a new home. It's in good working order, 8 speed/gear and comes with centres and a chuck.

I was thinking of putting it into the Bodgers Ball auction, but it's a big heavy thing that takes a bit of planning to transport.
So, instead, I've put it on ebay and thought i'd give a 'heads-up' on the forum. It's got a 99p starting bid. Here's a link: ... 500wt_1333

It's a 10day listing, so ends before the ball. Bodgers Barn is only about half an hour from the ball site, so it could be possible to arrange a pick up on or around that weekend, if you fancy bagging yourself a bargain bit of vintage kit.
Mace Bryant
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