paypal to accept foreign subs

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paypal to accept foreign subs

Postby robin wood » Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:18 pm

We have touched on this before but I would like to raise a thread on the subject. I would like to raise this as a proposal to committee. Can you do that for me Hugh? or do I need to send an email?

Hugh just commented.

"We would have to charge more for Paypal subscriptions due to the percentage taken by Paypal.
We would have to make sure that we couldn't be accused of trading via the web site."

Accepting foreign subs cheques for £15 must cost nearly as much as they are worth to bank. the cost of accepting paypal is 4.5% or 67p. This does not have to happen via the website all that is needed to set up a paypal account is an email address, the membership sec could use their own or we could just use a hotmail address. With the current situation if I was in Australia I would not go to the trouble of sorting a cheque and posting but paypal is so easy I probably would, so I am sure we are currently turning money away. it's all explained there it really is very easy. I even managed to set up my own account without having to get Nicola to help.

This would allow foreign members to contribute if they wished, many forums accept voluntary donations to help cover the running costs, typically £5 a year then your avatar proclaims you as a "contributing member".

Personally I am very much appreciate any input from members on the forum far and wide. I particularly enjoy contributions from our foreign members in Japan, US, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, did I miss any? bowls, books and courses
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Re: paypal to accept foreign subs

Postby kwadams » Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:06 am


I am in the US and would be very interested in being able to use Paypal. In fact, my membership has now expired (I presume it expired as of 1/1) and my email to the membership individual asking for renewal instructions was never replied to. In the past, I have sent US$ (cash) in the mail (I believe to Sue Reeve maybe?), but have never really felt comfortable about that. I have bought merchandise from both the UK and Australia with Paypal and it's fast and easy.

Please consider Paypal for at least memberships. If it is not practical at this time, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would advise how to renew my membership this year.

Thanks for your consideration.

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