Meeting notes

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Meeting notes

Postby Tony Newby » Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:36 am

Hi all,

As requested here are the notes of the last meeting. Shortly to appear in the Gazette. (Due to the shortness of time between the meeting and the gazette deadline, they have not been checked by members, which is our usual process)

Minutes of the meeting of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners Committee,
Tuesday 24th June 2008 at 78 Cotgrave Lane, Tollerton, Notts.

Meeting started 11:05
1. Present
Mike Gordon, Sue Green, Matt Jarvis, Tony Newby, Trevor Watson. Barry Cox and Ralph Sixsmith of South Yorks grp. Martin Damen of the Warks grp.

2. Apologies
John Burbage, David Reeve, Hugh Spencer

3. Minutes of last meeting. Accepted and signed.

4. Matters arising: None

5. ChairmanÂ’s report
Tony welcomed the newcomers to the meeting. He suggested that we should review the way we function in case there are better ways to get things done.
He commented on the shortage of ctte members, especially as we no longer have an insurance co-ordinator or archivist.
He asked about discussing ctte affairs through the forum on the web site. He asked if we thought if the Gazette needed changing, if only to use a clearer font, or to use a publishing package to produce it. The consensus was that, apart from the font, it should be kept as it is.

6. SecretaryÂ’s report
No correspondence received requiring ctte attention.
Requested that ctte members circulate their reports before the meetings so the meeting only deals with comments on them.

7. Treasurers report
JB reported that we are now very short on signatures for the various bank accounts. Tony, David and Trevor have agreed to act as signatories together with me. JB is currently making the necessary arrangements having just received all the mandates.
He also suggested that we raise the mileage rate to 25p. This was accepted.

8. Membership secretaryÂ’s report
No report as DR absent but will advise gazette of numbers

9. Insurance cover
With Pete Kafno stepping down TW agreed to stand in until a new co-ordinator is appointed. The post, which does not have to be a ctte post, will be advertised in the gazette. Discussion on the scope of the position. MJ to discuss with HS the possibility of automating requests for cover through the web site

10. Area Groups report
A new group in the Scottish Borders has started with Rob & Sue Alder Bateman.
The Chilterns group requested a grant from the development fund to go towards a weekend bowl turning event with Ben Orford. Ctte approved a bursary of £75.
A long discussion on the development fund and the need to define its purpose more clearly. Bursaries of this nature will only be made if funds are available and will require a gazette article.

11. ArchivistÂ’s report
The post will be advertised in the gazette and does not need to be a ctte post. It is largely a requirement for storing archive documents, old gazettes and a few other items and logging who they have been loaned out to.

12. Gazette
4 gazettes a year with 2 being edited by SG and 2 by Wade Muggleton

13. AGM 2008
Discussion on the event. It was agreed by all to have been a resounding success with lots on innovation and attended by a massive 270 people. Only a few minor problems were reported. A few people without food tickets ate the meal, causing a shortage for some who had paid, and a mix up with the axe throwing results being the main ones.
The event was over budget by £500 mainly due to the need to hire an additional marquee at short notice to cater for the large number of attendees.

14. AGM 2009
May 9th – 11th at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster. Discussion on budgets and pricing. Ralph and his team to draw up a venue layout by the next meeting.

15. AGM 2010
Venues required. The ctte appeal to local groups to come forward with suggestions

16. AGM 2011
This will be the 21st anniversary of the founding of the APT. Ideas required.

17. Conversion of status
Following the AGM JB has been considering the best way forward. The actual process of forming the company, setting up bank accounts and dealing with other administrative matters will not take too long, probably only about 3 weeks.
The issue which will take time to resolve is the Memorandum and Articles of Association i.e. our rules. There also seemed to be a consensus at the AGM that we should take legal advice. JB proposed that he circulate a draft M&AA together with discussion document on the clauses that affect us. At the stage when the draft is in a form that we think is acceptable solicitors should be asked for advice. This should keep costs down to a minimum.
He also felt we should seek advice on the transfer of our assets. He has already taken some informal advice from an accountant and there should not be a problem. However it may be better to be sure.

18. Electronic communication
Request that 2 new forums are set up on the web site, one for ctte use not available to the public and one for general APT business to be discussed, such as the new Company. Possible automation of insurance cover requests via the web site.

19. AOB
Date of next meeting 4th November 2008 at MJÂ’s home.
Date of following meeting 10th March DRÂ’s home.
SG reported that Tim Gatfield, nr Bath, requested that the APT should support young peopleÂ’s skills development with presentations, videos & education documents.
TN drew our attention to Health & Safety, especially the unsafe use of chain saws at the last AGM. Discussion on Risk assessments. Is it possible to put a downloadable generic RA on the web site?
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Postby robin wood » Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:49 am

Thanks for posting these Tony, good to see them here. bowls, books and courses
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