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Postby dervishcarving » Sun May 12, 2013 8:42 pm

ok, so i appologise is this has been discussed to death but i was asked recently and didn't have a good answer.
does boiling the rough-turned bowl reduce the chances of splitting during drying better than the usual 'paper bag' type approach? ... -wood.html

i haven't found any big problems with the slow-drying of a rough turn followed by returning to finish but i dont turn large bowls

please, if its an old subject, reduce the flames eh? :)
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Re: boiling

Postby woodness sake » Mon May 13, 2013 2:02 pm

Part of green woodworking is being intimately familiar with the materials you are working with, especially as most of this material is probably hand harvested by you. Boiling certainly does work for some species of wood but completely undoes others and may give different results from different parts of the same tree.
The stresses built up in wood from the bough of a tree will be different than in a branch from the same tree and even along the same branch. A tree growing at the edge of a forest with have different different stresses than a tree that is in a more sheltered area deeper in, even though they are the same species. Remember the mantra: wood is a living material. The events that occur in the life of a tree (or any living thing) will have results, sometimes unpredictable. Experiment and learn then.
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