cut the back wall out of a microwave oven?

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cut the back wall out of a microwave oven?

Postby gavin » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:38 am

If you want to season wood in a hurry, the microwave works brilliantly.
Since chair rungs are approx 46 cm, I wonder about cutting a hole in a microwave and passing the rungs thru in stages.
Clearly not a project to be undertaken without some electrical knowledge, which I lack and I hope this board can provide.
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Re: cut the back wall out of a microwave oven?

Postby nic » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:54 am

no real technical knowledge only anecdotal ;

I have a feeling that the micro waves would 'leak' out of the hole. Years back there were stories of people that had their kidneys cooked when they turned their backs ( and presumably leaned against) against a microwave with a poorly sealing door. I used to know a guy that traded on these fears and went round to peoples houses with a 'box' that tested for these leaks, he sold lots of door seals.

I don't think microwaves would travel far before dissipating. Something like silver foil may seal the hole; Be an interesting risk assement to fill out anyway.
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Re: cut the back wall out of a microwave oven?

Postby bulldawg_65 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:16 pm

You don't want the breach the shielding in a microwave. Nic is absolutely correct in saying the radiation would leak out. Yes there were some problems with earlier models of microwaves, they were overpowered and the shielding wasn't always adequate if you remained too close to the machine while it was on. If you know an electrical engineer or someone in a related field that likes to tinker, he or she may be able to take a microwave and build a housing (read shielding) long enough to fit the chair rungs.

You can find tons of info on the net regarding Microwave Shielding and Materials used for it. Wikipedia is a good place to start looking.

Or, to keep things simple you can simply purchase an oversized microwave oven. 46 cm is a tad over 18 inches. 1.5 cubic foot micrwave ovens have more than enough capacity to handle your chair rungs and you can purchase them for less than $150.00 US.

I hope this helps.
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