Emyr's chairs and making chair back spindles

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Re: Emyr's chairs and making chair back spindles

Postby Emyr Parry » Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:41 pm

Hello Goldsmith
I agree that the hand finished looks much better that the rounded finish - and this is what I do with the short sticks on my chairs. I have not tried this yet with the long sticks that go through the arm - though I might now try it soon!
On my hand finished short sticks I still use the rounder to make the tenons - although it is sometimes difficult to marry the fit of say a half inch bit with a half inch rounder.
I will also look forward to seeing some pictures of your and others chairs.
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Re: Trapping plane

Postby Donald Todd » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:46 pm

Robin Fawcett wrote: It's actually called a Trapping Plane and there are two types - one to use with a lathe and one with a handcrank and a collet - you do have to get someone else to do the twizzling for you !


The Stail Engine they make is a modified trapping plane which can be used without any mechanical drive of the work piece. As with the trapping planes, they say that the work has to be round to start with.

I've just shaved a pair of posts with a natural bend. Has any one experience of using a Rounder to finish Chair Posts which are not straight?
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Re: Emyr's chairs and making chair back spindles

Postby Mike Abbott » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:07 pm

I don't know if anyone will ever look at this but I dropped on this thread while looking for Hugh Roberts on Google*. I have just reviewed his DVD in the BG and in Living Woods Mag.

Why so little on the forum about chairs? I expect that unlike Robin, Robin, Shaun, Gavin and me, who enjoy spouting forth, most actual chair-makers like Dai Saltmarsh, Nick & Katy, Hugh Roberts* (not even a hint of a website for him) and the rest are too busy doing it to spend endless hours sat in front of a screen, trawling through forums (fora?) and other social networks.

As for trapping planes: Peter Hindle was most upset when I omitted the lovely picture of young Nettie (using one on P154 of the first edition of Living Wood) when we came to the later editions. I'm afraid I'm just not up to scanning it and putting it up here. I do still have the one that I think Robin F mentioned. I'm open to offers, as I haven't used it since I stopped making Windsor chairs when I left Clissett Wood 8 years ago.
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