I KNEW I'd be famous one day!

discussion of the niceties of turning on a bow, bungee or pole lathe.

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I KNEW I'd be famous one day!

Postby Ross Peters » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:44 am

My second public demonstration of pole-lathe turning was at our local music day at the beginning of September. Good weather, music and food enticed the crowds. I had a lot of interest, which was a great feeling, and had a couple of people having a go themselves- it made me realise how proficient I'd become! I even had a few sales, which informed me of what people actually want- the door stops went very well!

As for my big head, first the front page of the local newletter, last night a 2 second glimpse on David Dimbleby's 'Britain and the Sea' when he came to Pin Mill!

A great day out, and hopefully all that treadling has raised some local awareness of our fantastic craft. I really look forward to doing some more demos in the future.
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